Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell is the first slot machine that was invented in 1885 by Charles Fey, a machinist from San Francisco. This machine was named as “Liberty Bell” because the grand prize reel of the game resembles the liberty bell.

It was known to be first 3-reel slot machine ever invented. The slot machine of Charles Fey introduced the idea of 3-reel slot machine to the future slot machine manufacturers. The idea of slot machine actually belongs to Charles Fey machine (Liberty Bell).

Before the invention of slots machine, coin machines were used for the gaming purpose; these devices were actually copy of poker gaming and did not introduce a brand new game with totally new idea. That was why these contraptions were known as poker machines. So it is right to say that the video poker machines came in to being before the invention of slot machines. Winner of the poker machine players used to get prizes like drinks, cigarettes and gum.

Liberty Bell Difference

Whereas the Liberty Bell offered money instead of above mentioned prizes and got quick popularity as a main gambling machine in San Francisco. To fulfill the demand of this classic gambling machine, he made a workshop; additionally he also introduced slot machines with new added features. At same time, his machines also faced a local controversy, that is, anti-gambling activists were not in favor of coins offer instead of gums. According to them, it was totally against the bones of the gambling.

The law of San Francisco and California declared the machines of Charles Fey illegal, but even then he did not stopped producing new slot machine and continued his efforts of making new types of machines on regular basis. The last breathing year of Charles Fey was 1944. New Las Vegas casinos put their main focus on the Slot machines and kept them in the gaming ground. The Liberty Bell machine was written in the history book of Slot machines as an ancestor of all slot machines.

The Symbols

Liberty Bell machines contain diamonds, liberty bells, hearts, horseshoes and hearts symbols with three reels. All reel symbols take different reel positions as the reels were turned. If pay line fortunately holds the desired three symbols the player was declared as winner and got coins. As the time passed this invention got many changes and new machines came with new concepts but main concept remained the same.

New concepts include linked slots network, random number generator and progressive jackpots. But these machines even having new concepts couldn’t be able to reduce the players’ love and attraction for Liberty Bell.