The Review of the Main Rules and Recommendations about Slot Games

Slot games gained the recognition of gamblers very quickly, as this game needs no special skills or strategy to follow. The most important thing you need to do is to study the variants of slot machines and choose the most suitable for you and your pocket. There are slot games of different denomination: dollar, quarter, dime and nickel machines. At first glance it seems that the rules are very simple: you insert money and pull the lever. However, there can be some special features in each type of slots that are useful to know about.

How to Play the Slots

The first step is the selection of a slot, this topic will be discussed below. Then you need to insert coins, but how many coins? It is recommended to play the maximum bet, as most video slots pay out more money on this condition. If you are hunting for a huge jackpot, you are recommended to find a progressive slot machine.

When you enter an online casino or real one, you may be surprised at such a wide range of slot machines to play. The thing you should pay attention is the payout percentage, it has to be over 95%. All of them have something in common and different peculiarities at the same time. In order to play the most favorable for you slot game, you should know the rules concerning each type.

Rules for 3-reeled Slots

This type of slots is the simplest to play. You insert coins and pull the lever. Generally such slots have 1 pay-line that is in the middle, but today you can find 3-reeled slots with 5 pay-lines: 3 rows and 2 diagonals. To be sure about the pay-lines of the slot you are playing, you should check the pay-table that is located on the surface of slot machine.

Rules for 5-reeled Slots

The rules of this slot are like in 3-reeled slots, however, there can be difference in pay-lines, the number of which can reach 9. This fact increases the chances to win greatly. It is not necessary to get the same 5 symbols in one row. In most cases 3 symbols on the left side of the row are enough to get the prize.

Rules for Bonus Slots

The specification of these slots is that they have only one pay-out line, generally it is the middle row. If you get a bonus symbol in the row, you will be given a bonus game within the main game. It can bring you extra cash or free spins.

Rules for Feature Slots

Mostly feature slots have 15 pay-out lines, but the most interesting thing about this type of slots is that there is a wildcard system. The wildcard can replace any symbol and complete the winning combination.

Rules for Megaspin Slots

If you haven’t heard about this type of slot machine, you probably haven’t played it. A megaspin slot has six 3-reeled slots that increase the chance to win 6 times.