Secrets How to Play Smart and Win Slot Machines

Gods of Luxor Slots

Slot machines are considered to be the simplest games and don’t have a set of complicated rules to study. You can play slots and try your fortune. However, there are some secrets to winning at slots that will help you to avoid the mistakes when playing the slot games and widen the gap between your losing and winning. You are recommended to follow them, as they were written by professional gamblers, who know a thing or two. There is a list of secrets to winning at slots, which consists of dos and don’ts, while playing.

Dos When You Play Slot Machines

  • The first thing you should remember is to make maximum bet, as most video slots give the highest jackpot, only when the maximum coins are played. If you don’t have enough cash, choose the slot with lower denomination. There are nickel, dime, quarter and dollar slot machines. Choose the most suitable for you.
  • It is necessary to determine the limit you will not exceed in case of losing. This prevents you from losing more than you can afford yourself and from gambling addiction. If you are losing too often, try another gamble game, maybe fortune will smile at you.
  • You should use the help of slot attendants. If you are not sure what slot machine to gamble or are keen to learn out the newest versions of slots and their advantages, address to attendants.
  • Remember to use club card each time you play, as most of them accumulate points that give the opportunity to get free services.
  • You should play progressive slots if you are interested in jackpot. These slots are linked and their jackpot grows with every spin. So, you have more chances to win it.
  • To have more fun, choose bonus slots, as they offer bonus game within the game, which can bring free spins or additional cash.

Don’ts When You Play Slots

  • You shouldn’t believe a “cold” slot must hit. Every spin is random and the previous results don’t influence the next spin.
  • Don’t waste your time, trying to cheat slot machines. There are many “foolproof” devices that are claimed to help win. But don’t believe in this nonsense, because slot machines are games of pure chances, so even computer can calculate the result approximately. What is more that is there is a system of strict penalties for cheating.
  • If you are lucky enough to win a certain amount of money, don’t tempt the fate and don’t play your winning back into the machine.
  • It is important not to play just after you have won the jackpot, as the machine can pay you less or not pay at all. If this happened, you should call the attendant.
  • There is no sense in timing the spins, as video slot considers the outcome by the milliseconds.
  • And one more tip: don’t forget your winning. Some gamblers are so excited about their winning that leave the casino without money.