How the Slots Work

The recent slot machines differ widely from the conventional mechanical slots in various aspects. With the help of tension and springs, determining the rest position of the reel was quite awkward and sometimes very unfair in the conventional slot machines. But the new machines use complicated and refined electronic procedures though which the spin outcome get determined with high accuracy.

RNG is known as “heart” of slot machines. As the machine gets the power, it begins producing the random numbers which normally starts with 0 and ending may be at several million numbers. The rate of producing random number is more than 300 but less than 500 per second. Now outer source is allowed to join RNG in producing the random numbering and it works till the machine keeps on getting the power.

The working of online and land casino Modern slot machines is same. You place your bet by pressing spin button, and the few next available values are requested to the RNG; after that these values are passed to complicated computer program which actually determines the reels values.

It looks to be a long process but all the computation finishes in a short span of time. For the persons who think that the payout time has already been set with the help of pre-programming, let me tell them that this is not the case. The process is absolutely fair and every spin has the same winning chances.

After a detailed research on the slot machines’ way of working, we prepared an example which will explain how the position of the slot machines reels is managed and the technique used for payouts. In the example we stick to slot machine with 5-line.

The Mechanism

When the spin button is pressed, the player actually captures the next 5 numbers from the random number generator and takes the values in the machine memory. Slot machine takes the first number and determines the position of the first reel, and the position of second reel is determines by second number and so on.

A pre-set number is used to divide the value of random number and the reel’s position is determined on the basis of this value. Now here, you might be thinking that what these values are; they are standard values of computer 16, 32, 64 etc. This approach proved is valid because the values of computer system work in powers of 2 and due to this property, it is easy for computer to work out a value.

Let us take an example to make proper understanding of way computer work out the value. Suppose RNG forwards the 3,486,421 and is divided by computer with value 128. This division returns a remainder of 81. Since the machine uses a formula to divide the randomly generated numbers by 128 and the remainder will always be one of the digits between 0 and 127. For each number (not necessarily) the machine has a break point where it halts the reel.