The Variety of Slot Machines Makes the Game More Interesting

Since Charles Fey invented the first slot machine named the Liberty Bell 120 years ago, they have become big slot games, which have hardly changed in use. The rules of the big slot games are quite simple: you insert coins, pull the lever and are waiting for the result. Due to the modern technologies there appeared a variety of slot machines, functions of which differ. In order to choose the most favorable slot machine, you should know their advantages and disadvantages.

Types of Mechanic Slots Machines

There are two types of mechanic slots: 3-reeled and 5-reeled. Three reel slots machine is considered to be the classic. It has 3 columns and 3 rows. The middle row is a payline and determines the winning combination. This type of slots may have even a lever that needs to be pulled to initiate the spinning.

The other type of mechanic slots is five reel slots machines. They are like 3-reeled slots but have 5 reels. The payline is generally the central row, however, sometimes there are several paylines or combinations. So, before you start playing, study the pay table. To win the jackpot it is not necessary to get all 5 similar symbols, frequently 3 symbols on the left of the row is enough to win. Although, today it is quite hard to find such slots as they were replaced by video slots.

Types of Video Slots

With the technical progression the manufacturers of slot machines introduced a new version of computerized slot machines that quickly captured the attention of players. This kind of slots is completely controlled by the software that gives a lot of opportunities to the gamblers.

One of the most favorable types of video slots machines is progressive one. The peculiarity of this slot is that its jackpot is not fixed and grows until it is won or it reaches the amount determined by the casino. All progressive slots are linked so, the jackpot is increasing with every spin in any of these machines. Progressive Slots

Multiple pay-line machines offer more than one pay-line. Most slots have 3 pay-lines. The sense of the game is that your chances to win are higher, but to win you have to bet all pay-lines, in other words to make maximum bet. 3 Pay-Lines Slots

In multiplier slots the amount of winning depends on the bet. The more coins you bet, the bigger your winning is, in the case of winning combination.

There is one more attractive type of video slot fames – bonus slots. It proposes an extra game within the game that can bring additional cash winning or free spins. Bonus Slots

Bonus multiple slots give an additional bonus if you make maximum bet and hit a certain combination. In most cases it increases your winning.

Multi spin is one of the options that can be found in video slots. It allows you to spin the reels several times without pressing the button. The only thing you have to do is to insert enough coins.