Big Bertha

Gods of Luxor Slots

No sooner the slot machine came into existence, it became a heart favorite machine among the public. And right after its invention, slot machine manufacturers plunged into the competition of making the best slot machine. The goal was to make big slot machine that ever been produced before and due to these efforts Big Bertha slot machine was introduced to the world of gambling.

The Big Bertha Description:

The cost of Big Bertha slot machine is more than $150,000 and having a six by ten feet dimension. Five horsepower electric motor used to run this machine. This much power was required to drive 21 inches wheels with the help of a giant chain.

Big Bertha slot machine used eight reels and each of them contained 20 symbols. The machine had capability of producing 25.6 billion unique combinations. Only one combination out these was jackpot winning combination. The amount of jackpot had been one million dollars and to get this amount player had to pull the machine lever around 205 billion times at the rate of $1 per spin. This machine seemed to be favoring the casino owners.

The reels contained total 160 symbols and due to this it was capable of producing a high level of random results. At that time the slot machine normally contained three reels each having 15 symbols and did not allow a payout great than few hundred dollars. But the owners of the casino desired to attract more and more customer, for that they demanded machines with big jackpots offers. This demand caused the manufactures to build slot machine known as Big Bertha.

Super Big Bertha:

Big Bertha machine produced successful results. Due to this reason, soon it was replaced by Super Big Bertha. The new machine proved to be better than its ancestor slot machine. Super Big Bertha contained eight reels each with 20 symbols. The production of machine was always seemed limited and it’s manufacturing required $150,000. Most of the Las Vegas casino kept this machine and managed to attract healthy amount of gamblers because the jackpots were big.

Big Bertha machine was costly no doubt and another problem with these slot machines was producing high winning odds.

The Super Big Bertha remained recent slot machine till the machine capable of producing random number had not been introduced. A program known as RNG is used for the selection of number combination that announces winner. The technique used behind the RNG was; it randomly selects the numbers which actually relates to the displayed symbols on screen. The RNG gave an idea of other machines like video slot machines and progressive slot machines.