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The recommendations for the users

We could also recommend you to be sure in the absence of your country’s (region’s, city’s) laws violation before signing up and starting to play in any online casino room. It must be aloud and fully legal in your personal place of residence to use the online casinos gaming. You should also be in compliance with your country’s age limits and other important requirements concerning the right to play the online casino games. You should also check the legislation of the country, region, city where you are playing or planning to play casino games.

We also want to aware you that playing the online casino games could lead to money losses (you could loose either certain sum or all the money you have) so you must confirm and understand it before you visit or play the casino rooms. You should also confirm that Slot-Tips.org bears no responsibility for any of your losses. The safety of the money you are playing on is your personal responsibility. In case of losses you can indict no charge to the Casinotop10 or any other company or web site affiliated with the Slot-Tips.org.